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Hump Day Hank Hack

of the week:



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Put a stocking over the end of a vacuum

tube to find and pick up small items

like earrings and screws.


Glue a strong magnet on the

bottom of a hammer to hold nails.


Cell Phone Tips!  


Send a picture of your home along

with directions to make it easier to find.


Take a picture on your phone of a friend holding

the items you are lending them for future reference.


Car Tips!


Turn your seat warmer on to keep

pizza hot while driving home!


The little arrow near the fuel gauge

points to the side where the tank is!  


If you get deodorant on your clothes

remove it with a dryer sheet.


Keep buttons from falling off by coating

the threads with clear nail polish.



When kids grow out of a crib turn it into a desk!


Cut a large sticker in half vertically and

put one half in each of your child's shoes

to help them know which shoe goes where.  

The sticker should line up to create an image.

Use frozed condiment packets as mini ice packs.


A frozen saturated sponge in a zip bag

makes a great drip free icepack.


Fill a sock with rice and sew it shut - add a few drops

of essential oil if desired.  Heat in microwave at

20 second intervals until warm for a custom heating pad.

Take control of your Email Inbox by getting rid of unwanted Junk Mail!  


Use Unroll.me (it's FREE) to instantly see your email subscriptions, unsubscribe, filter and consolidate your junk mail!


You can also type "unsubscribe" into the Search Mail box

to get your list of subscriptions.  Click on "Unsubscribe"

at the bottom of the emails you no longer want to receive.  




Look for .97 at the end of COSCO prices

for the lowest price you will get on that item!  



DocumentaryHeaven.com offers

thousands of FREE documentaries online!  



Hide Emergency Cash in a clean Chap Stick tube!  




Go through ALL your pens & pencils

and toss those that are out of ink, dried out, or broken.



Use your glasses as smart phone holder!  




Hide your valuable in a clean diaper!  

Once you roll it up, everyone will assume it is

a dirty diaper - and NO ONE will touch it!  


Take a standard or foldable laundry basket

when you go shopping to keep items from

rolling around and make fewer trips

to and from the house when unloading!  



Add Frozen coffee cubes to ices coffee drinks

and frozen grapes to wine to keep your

beverages cool without diluting them.




Pull a trash bag over hanging clothes and secure.

Take a picture on your phone of how

your electronics are hooked up BEFORE disconnecting.

Pack heavy items in a wheeled suitcase.



Get ready for the week by prepping

crock pot meanls or smoothie ingredients in zip bags.


Make "Dorito Dust" to flavor almost anything!  


Keep a business sized card in your wallet with any important medical information and emergency numbers.

Keep important numbers in the back of your phone case

in case you lose service or your battery dies.


Create your own cell phone case with a clear case

and scrapbok paper.



Run a squeegee over carpet to quickly remove pet hair.


Wipe pets with a dryer sheet to freshen them up.



To get buildup off your shower head - fill a baggie with vinegar,

tie it around the showerhead and leave on overnight.  


Coat the bottom of shaving cream and other metal items

with clear nail polish to stop rust rings.



To Freshen Up a Room:


Put car vent air fresheners on your HOME air vents.


Tape a dryer sheet over your AC unit or fan.



Paint the tops of keys with colored

nail polish to quickly identify them.


Put a spare key in an empty Rx bottle,

glue a rock or pine cone on the lid, then buy it.




A rubber band can help  

unscrew stripped screws!  





Velcro your remotes to the

side of your coffee table or TV!




a strong magnet to the inside of your metal paint can

to hold your brush - tips down - to minimize dripping paint.


Line your paint tray with foil or press-n-seal for super fast clean up.


Use soda pop tabs to double your hanging space.


Stack clothes in drawers vertically,

like envelopes, so you can see them all.


Dry hand wash clothes faster by using

a salad spinner to get rid og ectra moisture.





Quickly fill a water bottle

at a drinking fountain

turning the faucet around.





Use in place of towels to level out a baby car seat.

Attach to a garage wall to save your car doors.

Place under a fitted sheet to keep kids from rolling out of bed.

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